The Grateful Business Workbook

Harvesting the Rewards of Being Kind and True in Every Aspect of Your Company

Geeky Gratitude Facts


  1. Women are more grateful than men

A national survey on gratitude by the Greater Good Science Center, which polled over 2,000 Americans, found that women tend to be more grateful than men. The Youth Gratitude Project also found that girls are more grateful than boys, suggesting that the difference starts early.

  1. People express less gratitude at work than anywhere else

Work is the last place you’re likely to hear gratitude. Only 10% of people say thank you to their colleagues on any given day, and 60% of people never express gratitude at work.

  1. Gratitude is good for your cholesterol

UC San Francisco professor Wendy Berry Mendes is investigating the health effects of gratitude, and her preliminary findings show that grateful people have higher good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol, as well as lower blood pressure.

  1. Grateful people spend more time exercising

In one study by professors Robert Emmons and Mike McCullough, people were asked to list five things they were grateful for once a week for 10 weeks. Among a host of other benefits, they spent more time exercising than a control group.

  1. Gratitude can improve your zzz’s

In another study, people were asked to keep a gratitude journal every day for two weeks. For people with neuromuscular disorders, this exercise improved sleep (among other benefits). They were able to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and feel more refreshed in the morning.

  1. Gratitude could help you achieve your goals

In one six-week study, people doing a gratitude exercise worked harder at their goals and made 20% more progress toward them.

1. Gratitude Strategy


What You Appreciate Flourishes

If you focus on what you don’t have, you will be frustrated because you have nothing to work with. When you focus on what you do have, no matter how small it is, you will find ways to help it grow.

Treasure Hunt

Everything you need to take the next step in your business or personal growth is in your possession. So, where you do find the gold? Take an inventory of every material and relationship asset you have. As you do this notice what assets on the list you carry negative feelings about. These are the missing piece to your success.  Ask a colleague to do this with you so you have an objective eye to point out value you may be missing.

Honoring What You Have Unlocks Creative Solutions

You may have expectations on the perfect order of how your plans for your business and your life should unfold. When reality doesn’t match your plan, make sure you ask yourself, “how can I use the resources and circumstances in front of me to arrive at an even better result?”

Thank People Who Help You

People decide to help us for their own reasons. Helping others takes time, energy and thoughtfulness. Let people know that you understand the value of their time and care. And, remember to show gratitude toward yourself that you are someone others wish to help succeed. That’s a big deal!

2. Business Wellness Check

On a percentage scale from 0% to 100%, starting from the center point, shade in each segment based on how well each area of your business is doing according to your expectations/business plan/projections.

Below is a sample of a completed chart:

3. How Happy Am I With It?

Using the same template chart above, complete another chart based on the following:

On a percentage scale from 0% to 100%, starting from the center point, shade in each segment based on how happy you are with each segment. Do you have more patience or forgiveness for one section over another?

4. Actions of Gratitude

Write Thank You Notes
Starting your day writing one or two thank you notes to customers, colleagues, vendors, employees or partners. Get a supply of stamps and a list of people who help make your business possible.

Write Testimonials
Truth is, although testimonials are a huge asset, few people like asking their clients or colleagues for them. Writing an unsolicited testimonial will 100% put you at the top of their gratitude list. They will be much more likely to refer business and sing your praises.

Gratitude Strategy Brainstorming
Grab a trusted colleague or a new business relationship. Ask her to coffee to discuss ways to better serve each other and your clients. Each of you will learn new ways to appreciate what you offer and how to help others see that, too.

5. Business Gratitude List

Can I Find 13 Things I’m Grateful For? Yes.

Take no more than 10 mins to write down 13 things you are grateful for in your business. Mind a blank? Consider things such as: determination to have started a business; clients, support from colleagues, or an office.