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For Organizations: Corporate Volunteer Programs to Set Your Organization Apartcorporate_volunteer_program_photo

What if you could transform your employee volunteer programs into a cost effective program that not only benefits the community, but also trains employees in leadership; enhances employee engagement through rewards and recognition; and also differentiates your employer brand reputation as a supportive and caring organization?

Many companies invest in leadership training for their executive teams, but often don’t have the resources to engage and develop their general employee base. That’s where we come in is different. It’s a way to convert your corporate volunteer efforts into a cost-effective, personalized and turnkey solution for also training and engaging an organization’s non-exempt and junior employees.

Employees have the opportunity to learn valuable leadership and personal development skills, which in turn help an organization identify its high potential employees. Our programs enhance employee engagement and also develops the company’s employer brand as an employer that recognizes employee values and gives back to the community, which is important for attracting and retaining top talent.

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SMC Stewardship TeamFor Non-Profit Organizations: Staff and Board Development

We work with organizations to define, adopt, align and engage with their core purpose internally with their leadership and staff and externally with the communities they serve. If you would like to deepen your organization’s relationship with the community, or streamline your internal processes, we can design a solution that works for you.

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