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Laura Hansen’s playful, find-out-what’s-going-on approach helps you understand the mechanics of your life — the what, how, and why of your life experiences– so that you can truly make your life your own.


“Read this book. It will help you make sense of every part of your life.”

— Karen Russo, Award-winning author of The Money Keys

“Finally a personal development book that says it like it is, in a fun and intimate way. Hand Me a Wrench, My Life Is Out of Whack allows us to look at our infinite potential in a very unique light.”

— Mario P. Cloutier, President, Shopper Marketer
Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle

Note to Self: Insights and Affirmations for Living Life Your Way

Insights and Affirmations for Living Life Your Way. A 212-page collection of fan favorites from Laura Hansen’s Daily Insights free email subscription. Each page features a new, supportive way to look at your life, relationships, family, your wellness, and your happiness. Flip open to any page for your day’s message — it will be exactly right.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle

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A life-changing workshop. Filmed before a live audience, The Calm at the Center of Your Life offers new perspectives about how your life works, engaging hands-on exercises to integrate what you’ve learned, and simple action steps for making decisions that support your highest vision for yourself.

By the end of the program, you ll have access to that part of yourself that is solid, calm, and wise. You ll also have easy steps to take for improving three of the most important areas of your life: love, work, and money.

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