What is Mindful Activism?

what is mindful activism

Mindful activism is the practice of helping others be exceptional without harming anyone in the process.

When we practice mindful activism we are pleasantly surprised at the capability of what others can do and of the brilliant ideas they share.

The powerful benefit of this practice is being able to approach each decision with hope and confidence. We know that we will face the opportunities and challenges with our best selves coming forward.

Mindful activism is the “everybody-interest” model. We know, with first-hand certainty and scientific research, that our thoughts and actions powerfully affect the world around us. A modern interpretation of the historical practice of stewardship is emerging in city planning, personal growth and organizational effectiveness.

Mindful activism principles draw upon the theological ethic that humans are the world’s caretakers. The legal ethic of responsible planning and management of another’s resources. And the principles of bio-mimicry — looking to nature’s genius in how we design things and organizations. This new mindset can help us make decisions using the power of our connection to build lives, relationships, organizations and communities where all of us thrive.

To define the Modern Activist is to redefine the term “self.” Self in this context is not an individual, but as a global self. With this definition, she serves herself personally, those around her, and strives to create a better world for people she will never meet.

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