Mindful Activism is the “everybody-interest” model. We know, with first-hand certainty and scientific research, that our thoughts and actions powerfully affect the world around us. As a global intuitive response, a modern interpretation of the historical practice of activism is emerging in city planning, personal growth and organizational effectiveness.

Mindful Activism principles draw upon the theological ethic that humans are the world’s caretakers. The legal ethic of responsible planning and management of another’s resources. And the principles of bio-mimicry — looking to nature’s genius in how we design things and organizations. This new mindset can help us make decisions using the power of our connection to build lives, relationships, organizations and communities where all of us thrive.

The three core principles of mindful activism:

  • Each person’s talents and resources are necessary for designing the best solutions and relationships
  • An action that is designed to benefit one at the expense of another will eventually benefit neither
  • Relationships and solutions that benefit everyone are innovative, beautiful and the most effective

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