Life Mechanics Principles


Consciousness of the individual is by nature stronger than any thought or experience.

The individual has the power of choice.

The physical life does not have to be the lone responsibility of the individual. The individual can share it with the consciousness of the universe and the planet.

Lighthearted exploration and playfulness expands consciousness faster than other mental and emotional states – but all are valid.

The natural frequency/vibration of the soul is experienced as love.

The soul experiences itself by interacting consciously with the physical world.

A soul can choose to experience any part of life or expression.

A soul is an individual aspect of the universal consciousness.

An individual’s perception and experience of their physical world is an expression of their consciousness.

Each soul moves along a path of increased consciousness at its own rate – there is no expectation or standard.


Life Mechanics is a continually evolving practice. As you explore your own life with this approach, your point of view and your experience will transform the tools to fit your creative style.