Speaking on: Leading with Love

The Mindful Leader’s Discipline of Collective Self-Interest

Laura Hansen giving talk at Personal Leadership Conference

Personal Leadership Conference Oct 17 2015At this year’s Personal Leadership Conference for business owners and their teams, Laura spoke about leading with love. This was the first time Laura talked about leadership in the bold terms not commonly heard in the business world. Given with humility and humor, Laura offered the audience members the opportunity to step deeper into their leadership potential.

Here are a few key points from her talk

#1 Each member in a group has a contribution that is a key element to the common goal solution. How often do we ask, “What is our common goal?”

#2 When we redefine self from our individual interests to the collective interests of the people and world around us, our priorities and desires change. We begin to be interested and care as deeply about the rights and expression of others as we do for ourselves.

#3 The most powerful position you can take as a leader is to step away from your personal preferences for how the problem gets solved. And, instead, step into the position of the common goal — not how it gets solved, but how the common objective can be achieved with the greatest degree of valuable contribution from the members. The result will be a solution that exceeds all expectations and serves unseen needs.

#4 Challenge for you as a leader – set aside your personal desires and beliefs about how a goal should be met. Be impartial enough to see the critical keys other people involved in the project hold to the best solution. Here are three questions you can ask yourself and bring to your group for discussion.

  1. What inner obstacle do you need to rise above in order to stand in and maintain a position of collective self-interest?
  1. What do you, in your assessment, needs to change in your organization, group, or family to allow you and others to use this process?
  1. What next action are you willing to take to initiate this in your own life?


Collective Self-Interest is a powerful collaboration and leadership development tool. If you would like to talk with Laura more about how you can use this in your organization or personally as leader, please Contact us.