One part meditation. One part creative exploration. One part discipline.

All parts acceptance and forgiveness.

What is Life Mechanics?

To assist you in understanding how your everyday life works, Laura developed Life Mechanics over her 20 years as a consciousness mechanics teacher. Her approach offers a perspective of life that is full of hope, strength and joy — and every tool and technique has been validated through years of real-life use and client feedback.

Life Mechanics engages you in your own world of thought and emotion in a refreshing, understandable way. You can learn how to use your ability to choose not only to resolve experience-based and emotion-based habits, but to access the strength and creativity that naturally reside within you.

Who Benefits from Life Mechanics?

From Laura’s experience in working with people from diverse backgrounds, those who most benefit from Life Mechanics and its processes are those who understand relationships are important in leading healthy, happy and productive lives.

But many have not been able to achieve satisfaction with their relationships due to factors such as society, parents, authority figures, partners that continue to shape their experiences. If you resonate with four or more of the following scenarios, you would benefit from the process of Life Mechanics.

  1. Happy  business womanYou often say to your supervisor or boss, “I need to understand the big picture, not just my part; I’ll do a better job if you explain the whole thing.”
  2. When you are in nature, i.e. at the beach, the woods, in your garden, you get insight into your life and how to move forward and you feel better.
  3. You have stubbornly decided to assemble something without reading the instructions because you know you can figure it out.
  4. You know you can be happier and you don’t want to settle for things that don’t make you happy.
  5. You get angry when people underestimate you.
  6. You secretly have so much love in your heart you sometimes want to burst, but feel unsafe about how to express it.
  7. You feel like a dog with a bone when it comes to finding the truth about what’s really going in your relationships.
  8. You try to have fun no matter what you’re doing.
  9. You desire for your life to have meaning and deeply feel the power of who you are.
  10. You get angry when someone is manipulating you into a decision.
  11. You have too many days when everything is off a bit; nothing goes well – it’s one mishap after another.


If you’d like to learn more about the Principles of Life Mechanics

Life Mechanics has the ability to bring others to a place of opening to themselves and finding comfort in knowing. Anyone on a journey of self-awareness can benefit from this amazingly natural perspective.

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