About Our Teams

Groups of wonderful people have formed around each of the three Stewardship areas. Below is a rotating slider of the team member groups.
Below the team slider is a list of advisers who help us find the best ways to share stewardship practices to others.

Stewardship Within

Andy Grice

Eric Hansen

Shawn Godwin

Sherrice Costa

Judy Hunter

Laura Hansen

Stewardship in the Community

Roderick Bedingfield

Sherrice Costa

Angela Bratrud

Serena Kallas

Laura Hansen

Stewardship at Work

Shawna Fitzgerald/CFO

Wendy Ward/Accounting

Michelle Alexander, Project Manager

Laura Hansen/CEO

Project team: We form teams with a subject matter experts based upon client needs.

And, Advisors: Our Sanity Check

Because GoldVision, LLC is an umbrella for three separate but related divisions, we seek the counsel from a wide variety of wise colleagues.

Susan Rueppel, WINtuition business consulting

Tracy Saville, CEO/Queentia, a global technology platform for women

Anne Staines, President/ProProse and Principal/Candela Partners

Eric Hansen, Senior Business Performance Analyst, SMUD

Josie Talamantez, Arts/Historic Preservation Consultant and Chicano community leader

Shawna Fitzgerald, CEO/Creating Answers Business Finance Coaching and Services

Jeff Louis, Partner/Capsity CoWorking