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This next generation of business, in pursuing every advantage, seeks to understand and optimize the “mind” of the business, the group dynamics of the teams and the relationships with customers, competitors and the community. Business advisors who can acquire and translate deep insight of an organization’s psyche into actionable strategy are few and far between. Sacramento is home to one of them. For over 20 years, Laura has been offering this unique process to forward-looking leaders who wish to propel their businesses to the next generation of success.

“Laura Hansen is a very gifted and intuitive business advisor. She has quickly become a deeply valued part of our team – helping lead our strategic planning, improve client relationships, strengthen our communication and leadership skills, and training us to identify personality styles and strengths that were affecting performance.”
Anne Staines

President, Sagent Marketing

“With a budget gap looming, and a young staff uncertain how they were going to succeed without a full-time executive director, Laura showed them how to close the gap, be resilient and grow into their potential. Within a year, WALKSacramento closed the budget gap, secured funding for another year and helped groom a new executive director within the team. I would recommend Laura Hansen to any organization looking to rise to the challenges and opportunities in front of them.”
Adrian Engel

Board President, WalkSacramento (Now CivicThread)

“After working with Laura for an entire year, we have seen significant improvements in our company’s communication, performance level, and process implementation. Laura facilitates a space where we learn about our strengths, weaknesses and how to navigate through it all. We can’t wait to continue working with Laura for the second year and seeing the gifts that unfold from her expertise.”
Mindy Gallaway

A Therapeautic Alternative

About Laura Hansen


Laura Hansen (far left), presenting at Board of Equalization “Connecting Women to Power” Conference at CSU, Dominguez Hills

10 brazil talk top of auditorium white suit2

Laura Hansen presenting at the Quantum Health Symposium at Recife, Brazil

“Good business is built on the right things working well. Shared vision, team dynamics, relationships and opportunity lead you to success, giving your organization an edge that makes your hard work pay off.”

What Laura’s clients have to say…

Dr. Jennifer Camota Luebke

CEO, Relay Resources

Leah Burdick

Chief Growth Officer, PRIDE Industries

“It was a tall order and Laura got us there. We came out of our strategic planning board retreat with exactly what we hoped for – a framework for a three-year strategic plan that will guide the Powerhouse Science Center’s transition from its current facility to its much-expanded future home. Thanks to her facilitation approach our board is newly-energized and engaged. We look forward to Laura’s continued counsel in the months ahead.”
Michael Galane

Board President, Powerhouse Science Center

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