Mindfulness Tools for Sanity and Success

“I loved Wellness Tools for Sanity and Success! I had many life and business-supporting AHAs! and insights, and I felt a sense of calm and purpose. Laura is an excellent facilitator with rich wisdom. She also brings great humor to what she teaches, taking a serious subject and making it fun, while grounding it in practicality.”
Susan Rueppel, Potentialist and Founder, WINtuition
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The Formula for Sanity and Success:

Finding the Quiet Place of Power Where You Command Your Thoughts and Actions

Sign up here. This eight-week online/tele course is designed for women business owners and professional women. During our time together, you will learn and be practicing the techniques for finding your quiet place of power, bringing your best self forward and making decisions that best serve you and your business.

Download free one of the guides we use in the class  — See the link at the top of the right sidebar

Note from Laura: “I will tell you that there is no untested stuff or fluff in the course. I designed the Life Mechanics method from 25 years of training in and teaching meditation, self-healing and energy management. Each week we will learn a new tool and perspective that you can use to see immediate results. We will get to right to work and have fun along the way.”

Listen below to one of the live practice meditations from the first class in the course we conducted earlier this spring. Enjoy!

Length: 18-minutes

Dates First class is Tuesday, June 14, 2016 and the last class is August 2, 2016

Each class is 1 hour and 15 minutes. 8:45 – 10:00 in the morning. If you think your calendar is going to freak out, tell it this is important business development time, because it is.
You can attend by phone or online. All eight classes will be recorded so you can listen to them again whenever you wish. We will be using an online/phone conference tool that let’s us interact, break out into groups for sharing and practice. And, it’s simple to use.


$295 — includes all class recordings and the materials that outline the tools and exercises for your reference. Plus, we all get to be together for eight weeks, which is awesome and priceless.
What others say…
“She is truly a remarkable healer and teacher. As an entrepreneur, I have been blessed with Laura’s tools and exercises to navigate the complexities, anxieties and growing pains of a new business. Working with Laura has been transformational — giving me a greater sense of clarity, ease and business growth!”
Leah Burdick Founder, Foster Coalition
“All the meditation practices and exercises ARE VALUABLE. Again, thank you for sharing your wisdom and amazing teaching skills. I am hanging the IAM statement photos and statments in my office, to remind me of the wonderful other women working their essence. “
Victoria M., Nevada
“I have been working with Laura off and on throughout the years towards my own personal and professional bliss since 1995. Her own special blend or secret sauce, Life Mechanics is a compilation of the many tricks and tools she has mastered over the years to help transform and heal people’s lives. The positive outcomes of our most recent work together include a 100% improvement in my home space, increased self-acceptance and manifestation of my business goals! Laura Hansen is a one of a kind coach! I highly recommend her. She is fun to work with and helps you get you where you need to go in record time.”
Ruth Beauchamp, Founder, Oranda, LLC
Laura Hansen International Presenter Course Instructor: Laura Hansen

Join Laura, consciousness mechanics expert, international speaker on quantum health and creator of the Life Mechanics method for a 10-week course of wellness and energy management tools you can use to bring your best self forward. To learn more about her…

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