Leading with Stewardship

The Roundtable is a scheduled series of facilitated discussions in peer leadership/managerial groups around topics and issues relevant to your organization and your corporate responsibility objectives.

  • Hone your skills to inspire engagement
  • Understand your impact
  • Discover the small acts that make the biggest difference

Your organization can set up a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. Program kickoff includes an initial preparation session for members to develop individual objectives, accountability guidelines, and success metrics.

An effective leader is one who stays flexible and keeps growing. Through the Leading with Stewardship Roundtables, participants enter a continuous cycle of action, accountability, assessment and growth.

This process fosters the abilities to be humble, honest, forthright and creative. When a leader holds him/herself accountable to these behaviors, holding other people accountable for their actions has deeper meaning for everyone.

Begin Your Leadership Roundtable

Learn more about how to bring a Leadership Roundtable to your organization.

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