The four relationships are aspects of one relationship: that one relationship being the universe to itself in the many forms of matter and energy. The universe is one big body so to speak, and all that is in it is moving in reference to all else. That’s why we observe on thing affecting another. Why what we say to others and ourselves has an effect.  We look for peace because we know deep within us that we have a song that sings continuously. It’s the same song that sings within each of us and in all things. It is the song of one – the unifying music of the universe.

Why do we struggle then? As humans, we are self-aware and have a mind that can create its own reality to enough of an extent that it chooses its own direction and rules over the universe’s song (you can call this ego/soul/self). Which means we force our lives into directions contrary to the natural course. We experience this conflict of realities as struggle, obstacles, bad luck, and hardship. We also have a sense of loss, lack of meaning in our lives, or a nagging emptiness in our hearts. These are all indications that we are not experiencing ourselves as part of the whole. What Life Mechanics allows you to do in a playful, forgiving, and healthy way is regain that sense of wholeness, and re-discover your life’s natural movement that leads to contentment, adventure, joy and strength.

The four relationships are four doorways you can go through to get to the center – the song. You may find that you have a stronger connection with Nature, so you may start there. Or, you may wish to strengthen your relationship with the people around you.  Wherever you start, you will begin to hear the song in all four relationship areas of your life.

Relationship with Nature

When you harmonize with nature, you can access the answer to every question, and the peace you seek. As you develop this relationship, you will hear the earth talk to you through your body, plants, animals, the breeze, trees, mountains… everything. You will discover that the earth is a wise adviser regarding your physical and emotional health. And, your walks in the woods or through a park will be a whole new adventure!

Relationship with Divine Source

At the center of every cell, every breath, every thought you have is the single frequency that connects everything because God is everywhere and in all things – a flow that resides within you at all times as God.

As you shift into this flow, you may experience this emotionally as unconditional love; and, mentally as divine/universal intelligence and wisdom. You will no longer feel alone. You will know how to find your groove. You will see the world for its beauty and meaning, giving you limitless choices as you live your life.

Relationship with Yourself

You may feel strongly that confidence in yourself will be the start of building a strong foundation for your life. You are right! By adopting practices for self-love, creative expression, and self-care, your life will get better. You will reset your relationships to unconditionally support you. Your health will flourish. You will laugh more. You will find the power and purpose of your emotions. You will know how to let go, get rid of baggage, and change habits and mindsets that don’t serve your new view. In a word, “Yes!”

Relationship with Others

Our main relationships with life partners, family, bosses, and long-time friends shape us. We find the meaning of our own lives through these important relationships. Beginning here will transform your relationships, allowing you to be your best self, and bring out the best in those you love.

Relationship Best Practices

Bringing your best self to your relationships.

  1. Give and Receive Unconditional Support:  For Your Life and Theirs
  2. Everyone Is Right
  3. Approach Issues/Problems Side by Side – not in Opposition
  4. Be Grounded – Reality is Where the Relationship Is
  5. Be an Empowered Witness, Not a Victim
  6. Be Honest – Realize When You Are Protecting Your Own Pain
  7. Help The Other Person Know Themselves
  8. Be Willing to Change Your Perception When It Doesn’t Match Reality
  9. Actively and Consciously Create the Relationship With The Other Person
  10. Be In Relationship With the Other Person, instead of the Relationship
  11. Frequently Ask the Question, “How Can I Support this Person’s Efforts to Create Their Best Life?”
  12. Build the Relationship To Expand Each Other’s Lives, Not Compromise Them
  13. Together Discuss and Decide Upon the Ground Rules For Conducting Difficult-Topic Conversations
  14. Remember To Play and Laugh No Matter What
  15.  Forgive Yourself and Try Again