Video Shoot

Community Leadership Conference

Early Bird Registration Offer

Mission Central ImageWe’re proud to support our region’s good works. This offer to your non-profit organization is to film and edit a short and sweet video from your executive director or spokesperson describing your org’s mission and role in the community.

Link to schedule your time slot for your video shoot.  Below is important information to help you prepare for your video shoot appointment.

Location: The Grange Theater — 3823 V St, Sacramento, CA 95817

Consent Form: We will have this form at the video shoot for you to sign. This form allows: 1. us to film you; 2. you to use the edited video for your organization’s purposes; 3. us to use the same edited video for promoting your organization on our social media networks; and 4. Community Leadership Conference to use the edited footage to follow-up promote the event and your organization after the conference.

Video Shoot Details and Tips:

1. Script and Rehearsal: You will have a 10 minute slot in front of the camera to record a 1-3 minute script. That gives you time to do two or three takes that we can pick from for editing. For the best result, write out your script. Rehearse it a few times in front of a mirror, then in front of a few people if possible. Here is the link to the script template and tips.

2. When to Arrive: Please arrive 30-mins before your scheduled appointment. This gives you time to do a couple rehearsals with our presentation coach and hair and makeup touch-up.

3. Presentation Stylist: You have an opportunity for a short coaching session with Georgiana Kovell. She will give you tips on how to project a natural and engaging presence on-camera while you rehearse.

4.  Make-up and Hair: A makeup and hair stylist will be on-hand to do touch up for you. That means arriving ready for the camera and we’ll make any adjustments right before your turn. If you’d like some tips for clothing and makeup, learn more here.

5. Camera Time:  Ten minutes is actually a long time to record two or three takes of your presentation. If you’d like to read your script, bring a large enough sheet that we can clip it to a board for you. You should still rehearse so you are familiar with it and can appear comfortable and assured on camera.