As a society, we’re starting to walk away from the idea that people can be treated like a widget, plugged into a process, then managed like a resource. When a company’s only goal is to make money, they ironically set themselves on a path to squander the opportunities to do so. Companies who build their cultures upon the value of relationships save money. They have less turnover. Experience fewer workplace injuries. A smaller number of employees miss work which affect productivity. More employees offer innovative ideas because they feel safe enough to engage their best stuff.

According to the 2011 report by the Society of Human Resource Management, of the top five contributors to employee
job satisfaction, job security was #1 with opportunities to use his or her skills and abilities placing a close second. Tying for third place were the organization’s financial stability and the employee’s relationship with immediate supervisor. Compensation placed fourth with benefits, communication between peers and senior management and the work itself tying for fifth place.

People form relationships with their employer, team, supervisor and co-workers the same way they form all other relationships. And, deep down we all want many of the same things. The organizations that recognize this will pull head, be more profitable, attract the most talented people and be trusted by the community.

Below is a helpful infographic which gives you data to share with your company leadership. The business world is warming to the idea that a company can be a group of humans working together to make life better for everyone.

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Infographic: Avoid Toxic Behavior and Build Self-Worth to Retain Employees

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