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spiritual growth

Learn to Meditate for Spiritual Growth

Core to being a responsible steward to yourself is spiritual growth: the care and development of your spiritual body. Through our Divine SparkTM training, you’ll master a meditation practice for accessing the limitless flow of your consciousness—the most powerful force in your life. By stepping into this flow, you will see your life’s design, and how your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions interact to shape your actions. You will also see and feel a stronger connection and harmony with nature, other people, yourself and the unconditional love within all things.

With this new understanding, you will experience spiritual growth through the elimination of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that you no longer serve you, replacing them with ones that are more appealing and supportive to you. You also learn how to live your life free from your past, your fears and your emotional triggers by knowing how to tap into the flowing consciousness at your center anytime and anywhere. For those in the Sacramento area, you will also have access to the Divine Spark Community clinics, guest speakers and special events.

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spiritual growth

Training & Certification — Learn to Free Yourself and Help Others

We offer a certification program in our Divine Spark Method for those who wish to restore wellness within and help others do the same. As a Divine Spark practitioner, you’ll learn to enhance your spiritual growth and well- being through the energetic alignment of your mental, emotional and physical energy body with the Universal Source that flows through all life. Divine Spark certification is ideal for coaches, wellness practitioners and group leaders who wish to incorporate healing with source energy into their practices.

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