DVD: The Calm at the Center of Your Life




A life-changing workshop. Filmed before a live audience, The Calm at the Center of Your Life offers new perspectives about how your life works, engaging hands-on exercises to integrate what you’ve learned, and simple action steps for making decisions that support your highest vision for yourself.

In Part 1, noted author, speaker, and teacher Laura Hansen introduces her transformational Life Mechanics™ method, followed by interactive exercises to help you find the strength in your life and shed light on your relationships and self-image.

The fun and insights continue in Part 2. With spontaneous mini-sessions on the topics of money and career, Laura leads you through exercises that help you relate to work and money in a new, empowering way.

By the end of the program, you’ll have access to that part of yourself that is solid, calm, and wise. You’ll also have easy steps to take for improving three of the most important areas of your life: love, work, and money.



  1. A talk given at a conference in Grand Rapids about guiding principles for parents in a troubled world, based on the book with additional material is now available on DVD.

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