Hand Me a Wrench, My Life Is Out of Whack



Laura Hansen’s playful, find-out-what’s-going-on approach helps you understand the mechanics of your life — the what, how, and why of your life experiences– so that you can truly make your life your own.

In the book’s ten chapter and exercises, you will find powerful tools and techniques for understanding your life, and making new decisions. Including:

  • Why you fight with those closest to you, and how to live side-by-side in love, not opposition
  • Why you hold on to the emotional pain of past events or lingering arguments — and how to release them from your life
  • That you don’t need willpower to break habits, or change patterns
  • How to accept yourself and others from a position of strength, not surrender
  • That your life is worth living, and how to live it according to your personal vision.


“Read this book. It will help you make sense of every part of your life.”

— Karen Russo, Award-winning author of The Money Keys

“Finally a personal development book that says it like it is, in a fun and intimate way. Hand Me a Wrench, My Life Is Out of Whack allows us to look at our infinite potential in a very unique light.”

— Mario P. Cloutier, President, Shopper Marketer

“Hand Me a Wrench, My Life Is Out of Whack is an easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement program that helps you put your life back on track. Whether with your relationships, your business life, or your personal habits and creations, this book will help you create the life of your hopes and dreams. This is the right book at the right time!”

— Thomas J. Powell, CEO, ELP Capital, Inc. , Author of Standing in the Rain and Comparing Real Estate Investments, Co-author of the book series Real Life Habits for Success


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